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We provide Technology evaluation services during the market and Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) phases of the Program/Project life cycle. The goal is to identify mature technologies that can be evaluated rapidly — and with minimal modifications, deployed and fielded to operational and tactical units to solve their most critical operational gaps and issues.
Services include:
• Performing detailed market analysis, both Commercial and Government sources, to identify potential technology solutions
• Preparing pre-solicitation and market research through creating Request for Information (RFI) and analyzing vendor/Government responses to determine viable materiel and non-materiel solutions to the documented capability gaps
• Planning and providing operational vignettes, using Government and Privately owned test areas, for vendors to demonstrate their technologies – proof of concept to ensure the technology is sufficiently mature before acquiring limited articles for in-depth test and evaluation
• Recommending most promising technology candidates for in-depth system and operational testing by the users/operators to ensure the technology addresses the capability gaps and issues
• Assisting in acquiring limited technology articles to field while the traditional procurement systems catch up